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Lambton Branch 2022 Program

This program is provisional and should be verified by E-mail to 

 For member’s records meetings can be found in the member’s research pages about 4 weeks after the meeting if recorded 

Welcome to  2022

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Tuesday Jan 10th 2023 @7P.M.At 7 is our annual meeting at &.20 will start a Zoom meeting working on the speaker TO REGISTER
Jan 10th 2023 @ 7.30 "What Treasures are on/in our Lambton Branch Website?" To Register
Jan 30th 2023Lambton Drop-in join us
Feb 14 2023 @ 7.P.M.Donna Bjore "My 2022 Irish Palatine Trip - Never give up the Search" TO REGISTER
Feb 27th 2023Lambton Drop-in join us
2023 still on Tuesday and at 7 p.m. March 14, speaker information coming TO REGISTER
March 27th 2023 Lambton Drop-in join us
April 11 2023speaker information coming TO REGISTER
April 24th 2023 Lambton Drop-in join us
May 9 2023 speaker information coming TO REGISTER
may 29th 2023Lambton Drop-in join us
June 13 2023 speaker information coming TO REGISTER
June 26 2023 Lambton Drop-in join us
Summer drop-in last Monday of the month

Starting Sept 2022 Meeting will be on Zoom and back in Hall time is at 7 p.m. first 3 on Thursday check date above Please 

 we will be using Zoom meeting see links for each month 

Drop-in last Monday of each month July 25 & Aug 27

Nicole from the Lambton Archives will be joining us 

Watch for Sept15 the 1st one back at 

7:00 pm at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

we are in a new room the gym

1400 Murphy Road
Sarnia, Ontario.
unless otherwise stated


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