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We are known for our blue water: shipping, fishing, and pleasure activities. Lambton has fantastic farming fields and oil fields, along with great libraries, archives, and history museums.

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About Lambton Branch Lambton County Branch is a part of Ontario Ancestors, a non-profit organization of people sharing an interest in family history and genealogy. The Lambton County Branch was organized in 1984.
Lambton 2021 Educational Events Lambton Branch Educational Events Zoom till back together check here for dates
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Ontario AncestorsTo the left is the Link to the Ontario Ancestors home page where you can find the Marketplace, TONI (The Ontario Name Index) and links to all other Ontario Ancestors branches and special interest groups.
Lambton Publications are now digital at the Marketplace o the Ontario Ancestors website.
Lambton Member's Resources New members please use the Link to the LEFT to sign in or login at top left
To be a member of Lambton Branch you must first become a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS). The 2019 OGS membership fee is $63.00. The membership fee for Lambton Branch is an additional $12.00 per year.
Research and Queries Let Lambton Branch help you with your research. Post Queries for those brick walls. Research costs $20 per hour for non-members. Members get a discounted cost of $15.00 per hour once a year with the first hour free.
Lambton Name IndexThis Surname index will grow as we add names from the Lambton Branch files. The index includes Cemeteries, Funeral Home records, Home Children, Church indexes and other collections.
The branch is hoping to eventually add all indexes.
Volunteers are needed and can work from home.
Early Settlers & Residents Master Index Do you have pre-1900 Early Settlers & 1901-1920 Early Residents of Lambton Country? Check the Early Settlers Master Name Index (Link to the left) to locate existing records of your ancestor. The Lambton County Archives has paper copies of these records. To add to the Index, please complete this fillable 'Early Settlers' PDF then save it. The Link is below and left.
Lambton Early Settlers Form This link will let you fill in and save the form (save in your name).
Lambton Schools Lambton school photo's and children names if any do you have more email lambton@ogs.on.ca
Beer's Index The Beer"s Index is the index to Commemorative Biographical Records of Lambton County. It is searched by surname. Pages can be ordered for a small cost.
Newspaper Notices CollectionThe Newspaper Notices collection contains notices of Obituaries, Births, Marriages and Special Events.
Lambton Branch is in need of volunteers. Membership isn't necessary. Indexing & some branch jobs can be done online from home.
PublicationsTo purchase digital or paper copies of publications, see the Ontario Ancestors website, under the Marketplace tab. Members of Lambton Branch, check the Lambton 'Members Only' site for free publications.
Genealogical Linksthey are tested websites to help with research in Lambton, Ontario, Canada and around the world
Lambton County Archives The link at left will take you to the Lambton County Archives, the repository that holds the Lambton Branch record collection.
Lambton CemeteriesA list of Lambton County Cemetery publications can be accessed using the link at left. All copies can be bought through the Ontario Ancestors website under the Marketplace tab.
Member's Reasearch Are you a Lambton Branch member? Have you filled out this form? Lambton Branch is building a Members File to help members identify others with common interests. This can be found in the Lambton 'Members Only' Section. If you are not a member but would like your names added to the list, please fill in this form and those who are members can still reach out to you (save pdf as your name).
Search Lambton History Online Free The Link to Internet Archive site where many Lambton high school and history books can be found.
County of Lambton DirectoriesFree Lambton directories for all to search link to left
Funeral Homes Collections The Funeral home indexes are now in the Lambton Name Index, which is searchable Bradley, Jay, White, Metcalfe just enter name in event.
Lambton High School collections Lambton County Branch library holdings. This includes many local family histories & school year books (Link to the left is to the list of year book collections. Some link to full year books.)
Lambton British Home Child Registry
Do you have a British Home Child in your family or was one taken in by your family? If so, please fill out this form and send it in (form will download in fillable PDF ). Do you need help finding a British Home Child ? We have 6 volumes of information at the Lambton County Archives (paper copies) and information on Our Members Only website.
Lambton Families Histories Collection
Link to the left will show the family books in the Lambton County Branch collection. There may be more in the Lambton Archives Collection. It shows the name of the book and author if known and who donated book.
Lambton Branch email Any problems with this site, please email to this link. Thank you.