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Due to rising costs, we cannot provide any research without receiving payment in advance.

Lambton County Branch Research Policy:



Our researchers will search Lambton County records including census, cemetery records and other books available here. Branch Members get Once a year deal a fee of $15.00 per hour with first hour free plus $15.00 per hour after the initial 2 hours. Payment for requests can be done using Pay Pal on our web site or by cheque/money order sent to the branch address.

The  researchers will not begin researching until the initial $15.00 (minimum) payment is received.
 NON-members – Our Researchers will search Lambton County records including census, cemetery records, and other books available here. For NON-members there is a minimum fee of $40.00 for 2 hours  (minimum) plus $20.00 per hour after the initial 2 hours. Payment for requests can be done using PayPal, or by cheque/money order sent to the above address.
The researchers will not begin researching until the initial $40.00 payment is received.
When making a request for information include with your payment; family sheets or a detailed summary of the information you already know, i.e. birth, death, marriage, dates and locations and  names of known spouse or family members. If requesting the information be sent to you by mail there will be an additional postage charge. Please acknowledge receipt once you have received the  requested information. Occasionally researchers find a lot more information for your request. It might be an additional time cost or additional photocopying/scanning costs. In that case, the researcher will contact you and inform you of any additional payment required, and it is up to you to decide if you wish to have them continue searching.

PayPal allows you to add extra payments, or you can mail additional payments to the above address.

ELECTRONIC SEARCH (This is a digital research not an in-depth research, as above.)
There is an initial charge of $5.00 before any research will take place.

It can be made through PayPal or by cheque/money order and mailed to the above address.

If you are looking for information about a family member who lived in Lambton County, complete the form Online at the Lambton County Branch OGS website and email it if you are using Pay Pal. If you are sending a cheque/money order, please send both to the above address. We will then electronically search our digitized census, cemetery and other publications, to find any pages which include the name of your family member. We will send you an invoice listing what has been found and you may then order any pages you wish. There is a charge of $5.00 for the first page plus $2.00 for each additional page. When we have received your payment, we will email the pages in PDF format. This is a digital search only.

     Only where the name of the newspaper and an approximate death date are given will an obituary be looked up, scanned/copied and mailed or email to you. The cost for this service is $10.00 for each obituary. If the obituary is found the researcher will notify you and when the $10.00 (each) 
is received, a copy will be forwarded to you.NEW Obits from Lambton Name index cost $2.00 per digital Obit and can be ordered using PayPal Coming Aug 2016 there will be a paypal button for this to enter ID, Name
Lambton British Home Child Registry(click form fill in and save )
 PayPal pay online by using the add to cart button at the bottom of the page. 

you may send Lambton an e-mail with

more detailed research request or Queries & confirmation # from PayPal.

You may copy downloadable form above to use for guide lines.


Send Lambton  your  Early Settlers
An Early Settler is anyone who came and settled land in Lambton County from any other location.
The Lambton Branch of OGS has for many years been collecting information about Early Settlers who came before 1862, but we have now changed that date to 1900. We have updated our information pages, and now have them available on our web site, where they can be filled in, then printed and mail or emailed to our branch. The information will then be placed into a book, indexed and made available in our library at the Lambton Room and at the LDS Family History Centre. It is our hope that changing the date to 1900 will add a considerable amount of information that will be available to researchers.
Early Settlers for Lambton Country now in PDF format  Early Settlers form. Check the Early Settlers Master Index  to see Book Volumes they can be found in the Lambton Room in paper copies or Now On Lambton Member Only Website for this resource ** may also be a digital research request.

 Queries Form(click here)

QUERIES Members are permitted to publish two free queries per year.

Non members can submit queries for publication. The charge is $2.00 for a query not to exceed 50 Words.

Pay with PayPal

Query with payment to be sent to the address below.If mailed  Payment to be in either Canadian or U.S. dollars

All queries will be mentioned in the next Lambton Lifeline news letter to help in your research

Lambton Lifeline are now placed on our members only web site for all issues after 2006 till present issues

PayPal pay online by using the add to cart button at the bottom of the page. Also you may send us an e-mail with more detailed research request or Queries & confirmation # from PayPal. You may copy downloadable form above to use for guide lines.

Thank you for contributing.


Lambton Country British Home Children Registry (click form fill in and save )
British Home Children Registry
Lambton County Branch OGS is attempting to make a Registry of all the British Home Children who were placed in Lambton County, Ontario between 1869 and the mid 1930s. This will create an ongoing legacy that will preserve their identities. If you know of a British Home Child that was placed here, we would like to hear from you. Please fill in any of the information below or any other data you may have. If we find more about the person it will be added to his/her file. A database of all Lambton Home
Children will be made and a copy of the information will be placed in the Lambton Room in Wyoming.
If not sure e-mail British Home Children Registry e-mail: Lambton British Home children
Members Research Interests in Lambton (click form fill in and save )
Non-members may fill out but only members can contact them 
We are gathering a list of surnames currently being researched by our Lambton members.
Using this list, members are able to match surnames that are of joint interest, and work co-operatively to share their findings. This list will be held in the Lambton Room and on Our members only site , provide your list of surnames, and you too may benefit from the expertise of other members in the local Lambton Branch. This will be great for new members getting started. If you don’t want your e-mail or phone number to show please click the box on the sheet and if any one wants to get in touch with you the branch will be the contact. The book & List will show surname, listed in alphabetical order with first name and then by member name page # after it.

.Thank you for contributing.

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