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left>Right  SS #6 Enniskillen abt 1927. Jane Bailey Young shares this list: “Top Row L to R: Jean Allison, Pearl Windover (Teacher), Ann Mackesy.
2nd Row L to R: Leona Anderson, Mary Welch, Marion Henderson, Jean Anderson, Helen Salts, Elsie Bailey, Marion Stark, Violet Tennant.
3rd Row L to R: Jack Mackesy, Ernie Bailey, Pat Parrott, Foster Stark, Harvey Salts, Lyle Bailey, Gordon Anderson, Jim Mackesy, Jack Allison.
Bottom Row L to R: Archie Henderson, Robert J. Bailey, Pryce Stark, Leo Mackesy, Lorne Henderson, Ross Bailey, Ken Allison, Ken Anderson.” The photo belongs to
Barbara Parrott Rogelstad’s‎ father  Pat Parrott.

Central School 1906 Petrolia ( photo of being built) below

Petrolia Central School 1939-1940 School photo. Can you identify your Parents, Grandparents, or Great Grandparents in this photo? I would like to thank Beth Hackett for the loan of her mother’s photo (Doris Morris Vasey). She is the first young lady to the right of the teachers in the second row. It is great to share history. If you know more names please let us know 

Joyce Bygrove Kelly is the young lady on the far right end of the third row.

Building Central School 1906 donated by Clark family

from Edward Avery/ collection and his family history to this school
My mother’s family attended the school.
Her eldest sister (Elma Mihell Copeland) was in the first (I believe) Continuation class about 1910
(There is a picture in Gregory Stott’s Arkona book on page 182 of Elma (Ella) in the group of graduates 1910.) 
Her middle sister (Marjorie Burgar Copeland) attended Continuation from (I believe)  1914 to 1916. The family moved to London in the summer of 1916 because my grandfather (Dr. Edward Mihell Copeland) did not want to drive to Watford twice a week so that Marjorie could attend high school – as he had for the eldest daughter, Elma.  Therefore, I think the picture should have been taken after 1910 (Continuation school is shown) and no later than 1916.  Elma seems to have been the child most interested in photography, so I assume she took the picture.