The Newspaper Notice Collection contains notices of Obituaries, Births, Marriages and Special Events.

2018 it just Obituaries The obit will be $2.00 each you will get newspaper cut-out or a hand printed/type notice  from newspaper some times there more then one person the fee is still only $2.00 (all money from this collection goes towards keep branch equipment and software up to-date) If you wish to order more then one person use this (till PayPal add to cart can be fixed). 

Use drop down arrow for pricing ensample; SURNAME  Smith, Jones, Banks then in order  in

next box : obit # S1045 : obit # j1002 : obit # B1024  (and so on)

if you have a question you can also add to the last box please

These notices come to us from the donation of  Fay Lucas collection, and many other personal donations or gathered by branch members

There is dropdown arrow beside the $2.00 change to add more then one pages

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